9 things every small business website should be


web design blog imageOnline is evolving at a rapid pace, with website do’s and dont’s changing daily. Cut through fads and focus on what’s important.  Your website should be:

Well structured

A well planned site structure is key to the success of any website.   Good navigation helps users find what they want quickly, and guides them through to the end goal – contacting you. Structured sites are easy to index, and improve your ranking in Google’s results.

Content rich

Your website copy needs to be clear, concise, up to date and keyword optimised.  Consider using blogs, infographics and movies to demonstrate credibility and expertise. When it comes to your products and services – have enough copy so visitors know what you do – but not so much they qualify out.

Demanding on download

Got great content?  Demand contact details before visitors download it.  BUT this should only be done for high value content – think how to guides, technical whitepapers or free templates.  A name, email and phone number is all you need to proactively follow-up.

Easy to update

It’s amazing how many businesses rely on agencies to update part or all of their website.  Make sure your web brief states that the site should be 100% manageable in house – costs may be higher up front, but you’ll benefit in the long term.  Keep content fresh by choosing a content management system (CMS) that is quick and easy to update.


Integrate your social accounts into your website.  A mechanism for social sharing will allow visitors to share your content quickly and increase traffic to your site.


Think responsive web design is only important to B2C consumers shopping on line?  Think again – over 60% of internet users access it from mobile devices and this is growing.  Mobile, or device friendly websites, provide an enhanced user experience, rank higher in search engine results, and are futureproof.


There are lots of reasonably priced website templates which can help with design and expedite your website launch.  Unfortunately these templates also make it easy for your site to look like everyone else’s! Make sure your site reflects who you are, what you do and sets you apart from the competition.

Set-up for Google Analytics

Setting up a Google Analytics account and adding tracking code to web pages takes no time at all. The benefits of doing so are infinite!  Google Analytics tells you where visitors come from, how long they stay on your site, and what content they like the most.

Continuously updated and improved

Act on the free visitor insight Google Analytics provides to continuously update and improve your website.  Feeling brave?  Use a pop up form to ask visitors to rank and provide feedback on your website.

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