Marketing: putting you in the right place at the right time


this way blog imageDid you know most customers are over 57% of the way through the buying cycle before making contact with you?  So, how do you make sure they find and contact you, over the competition?

Have a marketing plan the whole business buys into

If you don’t have a plan tied to overall business objectives, take a step back and dust off the 4 P’s.

What products and services does your business offer?  How do they compare to the competition – price and features? What do they mean to your customer? Are they innovative and futureproof? Will they deliver growth?

Place. Is your product accessible in the markets you’re targeting?

Promotion – our favourite part. Find out how your target market buys what you’re selling.   Where do they look for your products or services?  At what time of year? What is the process?

Confirm who you are targeting, with what message and how – and you have a marketing plan.

Raise awareness 

Your plan should include a number of routes to market.  Online continues to be the number 1 way customers look for products, so make sure your website is SEO friendly, your social media accounts are active and use relevant 3rd party sites to list your business and distribute PR.

Face to face events including tradeshows remain important in many industries.  Consider using webinars to reach a wider global audience.

Don’t underestimate the power of PR – good industry publications will report relevant stories.  Customers like this as its positive news from a third party, and the inbound links will give your SEO a boost.

Great content and a call to action

Once they’ve found you, make them want to engage with you. If first contact is via your website, your content should be up to date, set you apart from the competition and direct visitors to an end goal – contacting you.  Testimonial videos, animations and free business reviews work well.

When it comes to events – use your best people to deliver a killer presentation – and if it’s a webinar, don’t forget to record it, its great evergreen content!

Make sales part of marketing campaigns

Finally – don’t forget the most successful marketing campaigns involve the sales team. Use their social networks to get your message further.  Plan for fast and effective follow-up to close the opportunity and generate ROI.

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